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District 9800 News
All of the 2250 Rotarians in our 64 Clubs….and welcome Wyndham Harbour. Congratulations President Rosemary on being the Charter President of the newest Club in District 9800. 
In 2016 Presidents Nominees and my District support team were invited to attend Rotary Leadership Institute. That set us up excitedly for planning and preparing ourselves for 2018-2019. What inspiration we found in dreaming big, planning well and understanding some capability of harnessing Rotary’s potential.  There has been lots to celebrate this year in what has been achieved through service. Thank you all for the warm welcome to Mark and I at Club visits and for so many conversations over this year.
It is our responsibility as Rotarians and Australian citizens to be informed and part of the solution to ending Family Violence in our communities.  We must not avoid this topic because we feel helpless or believe that it doesn’t  happen to people we know.   Rotary Safe Families is a program that will assist Rotarians to be “part of the solution” and to spread “NO” to Family Violence across your community, your Club and throughout Australia.   
Our specifically designed “toolkit” provides everyone with practical safe methods of what actions we need to take  to prevent this violence from occurring in the first place and suggestions on how to support someone you know who may be a victim of family violence.  
Wednesday, 5th June saw the final of the 2019 Wyndham Youth Public Speaking Competition, WYNSPEAK), which was held in the Thomas Carr College Performing Art Centre.  This is the second year of this new  partnership . We are very grateful to Thomas Carr College for providing this venue for the majority of the preliminary rounds and the Final.  
This was also the second year of our agreement with Lakeview Senior College which  has also allowed us to use their facilities without cost. Preliminary round six was successfully held at this venue, hosted by one of our new  partners, the Rotary club of Caroline Springs 
District Governor  Bronwyn Stephens surprised our Hugh Bucknall at a recent meeting.  Surprised him so much that he was "speechless"!  A District 9800 Triple Sapphire Paul Harris was awarded to a "champion" Rotarian Hugh Bucknall. 
Bronwyn said in her presentation "When US$1000 is donated to this Charity, which is rated  number 1 in the world with its exemplary acquittal procedures  and minimal administration expenses, we make a wise decision...."
The Rotary Club of Malvern celebrated the 60th anniversary of the charter with a very special event on May 25th. District Governor Bronwyn Stephens and Mark, and PDG Neville John and Rebecca were among the guests.
The special highlights included the spontaneous talk from 101 year old Marty Palmer: to know we had the very first Rotary women members in our Club (Pam Baker and Annie Hartstein), reflections of past times from Barry Smith and Brian Hawdon, and Yvonne Flynne. The event coordinator and District Club Service Chair speaking about Rotary in the future.
The room was buzzing with laughter and chat as Rotaractors past and present connected at the Leveson in North Melbourne to celebrate 10 years of energy.
Charter President Grant Godino reflected on how Rotaract started, the effect of RYLA on his journey and that of the club, and the years of activity and fun.
It was very disappointing for many present to hear that his initial approach to several Rotary Clubs met with such negative response at that time.
What was wonderful to hear was the enthusiasm which came from RYLA and still impacts on past attendees today.
Gateway Rotaract will host this year’s RYLA for District 9800.