District and Global Grants

This will be the home of the District 9800 Grants pages.   Over the next few weeks information will be transferred from the dedicated D9800 Foundation Grants page to this Page.  Until then please follow this link  http://www.district9800foundation.org/grantsinfo/

The Rotary Foundation Humanitarian Grants Programs

Foundation grants are designed to support Clubs and Districts to undertake humanitarian service projects. Funds are provided from our District Designated Funds (DDF) and The Rotary Foundation.
The District Foundation Grants sub-committee responsibilities:
  • Serve as a resource for Clubs on all aspects of Foundation grants.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance to terms and conditions of all grants from initial application to final completion.
  • Work with the Foundation Director to develop an effective program to prioritise grant planning and disbursement of grant funds and to ensure proper recording and monitoring of grant activity.
  • Work with the stewardship subcommittee to ensure good stewardship and grant management practices, including reporting, for all club and district- sponsored grants.
Chair: Mark Stephens (Brighton North)

Global Grants

  • Larger projects with sustainable high impact outcomes.
  • Aligned to the six areas of focus.
  • Minimum grant contribution from TRF is US$15,000 (i.e. minimum grant budget is US$30,000).
  • TRF will match club contributions at 50% and DDF contributions at 100%.
  • MOUs required from both International and Host partners.
        Submitted as a three-step process:
  • Scoping document to District Grants Committee
  • Proposal (once supported by District Grants Committee, online to TRF)
  • Application for approved proposal funding online to TRF
All Global Grant proposals must be presented to the Grants Committee for approval prior to submitting online to www.rotary.org
If DDF is requested the maximum DDF support for club initiated Global Grants will generally not exceed US$7500.
If District funds are involved, the authorisation of the District Governor is also required

District Grant (two types)

District Grants require the approval of the District Grants Chair and the Grants Committee.
Local Community:
   For smaller local community projects.Projects are initiated by a Club and that there is active Rotarian involvement.The Project must be a new initiative by the Club.Require active Rotarian participation.
District Grants require the approval of the District Grants Chair and the Grants Committee.

Local Community:

  • For smaller local community projects.
  • Projects are initiated by a Club and that there is active Rotarian involvement.
  • The Project must be a new initiative by the Club.
  • Require active Rotarian participation.
  • Minimum grant A$1,000.
  • Maximum grant A$2,500 matching dollar for dollar.

Low value School Scholarships 

Designed to help students entering Year 11 and intending to proceed to Year 12 who are considered by the School to be financially disadvantaged.  The choice of who receives the scholarship is up to the School.  The scholarship is for $1000 for the two years matched 1:1 by the Club and may be shared by more than one student 
Payment to club on completion of the project and provision of a report in a satisfactory format.


  • For international projects that do not qualify for a global grant.
  • Require an international partner that can be a Rotary District, a Rotary Club or a third party. Rotary partners are preferred.
  • Grants normally up to A$5,000 matching club contributions 50 cents in the dollar.
  • Club accountable for funds management in line with MOU.
  • Up to 50% may be paid in advance.
A District or Global Grant cannot be approved by the Grants Committee unless a Club has submitted a valid Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Club President and President Elect. Club MOU’s are valid for only the current Rotary year and must be revalidated each Rotary year.
The three authorising signatures for the Draft Spending Plan (Block Grant) are the District Governor, District Foundation Director and District Grants Chair.
Committee: Chair Mark Stephens,  DRFC PDG Dennis Shore, DG Bronwyn Stephens, DGE Grant Hocking, DGN Philip Archer and DFSC Don Heath
For more complete information please refer to the the Foundation tab on the District website www.rotarydistrict9800.org.au
Club funding for approved Humanitarian Grant projects and final reports for District Grants must be coordinated through the District Foundation Humanitarian Grants Committee.
Do not submit funds directly to Rotary International, Chicago USA, or the Parramatta Office until agreed by the District Grants Chair, Mark Stephens (Brighton North).
Note:  In 2019  the District Grants Foundation Seminars will be held on April 29th (Metropolitan) and Monday May 6th (Regional).