Directly via My Rotary

The simplest way to donate to The Rotary Foundation is via My Rotary. Donations may be made in Australian dollars and Australian tax receipts are issued to the nominated donor.

Donations may be made in the name of yourself, your club or a member or multiple members of your club. Your donation can be directed as you wish to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, World Fund, Disaster Response Fund or to special funds, such as the Ukraine Response Fund and the Pakistan Flood Response Fund.

You can direct your donation to a specific Area of Focus, the Endowment Fund (Endowment Fund contributions are not tax deductible in Australia) or you can specify a specific Global Grant project that you wish to support. To donate to The Rotary Foundation directly via My Rotary, click on the 'Donate' button below:


Electronic Fund Transfers via RISPPO - Clubs or Individuals


RISPPO receives many deposits into their Foundation bank accounts that have little or no description of the donor. This can create long delays in recording the deposits and significant expense in tracing transactions.

To ensure that you receive recognition for your contributions, please use the following descriptions in the Reference field of your bank deposits:

Polio Plus:               Donorname(IDNumber)PP
                                  (for example: EastwdGla18020PP
                                             or JSmith1234567PP)

Annual Fund:           Donorname(IDNumber)AF

Global Grants:         Donorname(IDNumber)GG(number)

Endowment Fund:  Donorname(IDNumber)EF


ID Numbers – club & member IDs are required. They can be found in MyRotary or from the club
Secretary or Treasurer. If the ID cannot be found, an email to is

Club Names – please don’t use “Rotary Club of XYZ” in the bank’s description field – all that comes
through is “Rotary Club of X”, the rest is truncated; just use the club name and ID (see below).

Multiple Donors – please use the name of the club in the description and then email the list of
donors to

Endowment Fund – contributions do not attract PHF points; not tax-deductible in Australia.

EREY and PHF - contributions can go to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus and Disaster Response Fund.

Centurion – varies by district but these contributions are normally directed to the Annual Fund.

Bank accounts:

 Donor name is the Club
 or District:


 Donor name is the member/individual
 or business

 (and Clubs that need a tax-deductible receipt):

 HSBC Bank
 Acct Name:  The Rotary
 BSB No:        342 011
 Acct No:       523370001

 HSBC Bank
 Acct Name:  The Australian Rotary
                         Foundation Trust
 BSB No:          342 011
 Acct No:         663499001

Please, always advise before or on the day of the bank