Posted by PDG Julie Mason
The Rotary Leadership Institute Program presents a wonderful opportunity for experienced Rotarians, new members and indeed people interested in finding out more about Rotary to take some time to experience the history, current and new initiatives related to this great organisation we call Rotary.
Part 1 & 2 
  • Learn innovative ideas and strategies to influence improvement in your club
  • Learn how to attract and retain new members
  • Explore the resources in My Rotary and learn how these can help you and your club
  • Find out about the structure of Rotary at Club, District, National and International level
  • Learn about effective leadership styles and behaviours when working with volunteers
  • Explore tips that work in effective Rotary teams and the importance of planning
Part 3
  • Understand about The Avenues of Service in your club and other clubs, projects that exist and the goals and purpose of such projects
  • Learn how to access funds to support projects
  • Gain an insight into the Rotary Foundation
  • Learn about opportunities to secure District and International Grants

Part 4

  • Learn effective strategies in promoting the great work done by your club members
  • Learn a technique that will enable you to tell the stories that make your projects important for others
  • Learn tips and techniques that enable you effectively to use social and print media
  • Prepare and deliver short, impactful, and engaging information about “your Rotary” experience
Part 1 and 2: Sunday 14 August at 11am for 90 mins
Part 3: Sunday 21 August at 11am for 60 mins
Part 4: Sunday 28 August at 11am for 60 mins
To register email by 5 August.
There is a limit of 20 people for each program.