Posted by Lesley McCarthy on Dec 15, 2022

DIK is desperately in need of your help!  

The DIK warehouse is overflowing, and there is an ongoing need for more club to become members; and more hands to assist with collections and packing. 

There are currently 25 clubs across several districts who are members of DIK Inc.  Membership costs $3,500pa, with a minimum 2-year commitment.   

All Rotarians are welcome to assist with packing at DIK on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and as necessary, collection of donated items... and Bob and Laurie welcome clubs wishing to hold their meeting at DIK; to assist with packing; or visit for a tour. 

The store is full to overflowing, especially with hospital, medical, disability and educational equipment. Once we have a confirmed shipping booking, containers can be packed very quickly and be shipped.  As international borders reopen there is an opportunity for clubs to expand their International activities through DIK, either by working with existing partners, or identifying need in new areas of activity. 

There are many examples of the work of DIK: In 2022-2023, 12 x 20-foot container units were shipped to countries including Cambodia, Timor Leste, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.  

A shipment has gone to Democratic Republic of Congo. This was a privately funded project by Muhindo Matata who approached DIK for assistance. “Imagine dragging yourself along by your hands because your legs were useless, blown off in a landmine or you were crippled with Polio?”  Donations in Kind assisted with shipment of a 40’ container via Dar Es Salaam. This container was filled with wheelchairs, crutches and 4-wheel walkers for children and adults maimed through landmines, war, birth defects and disease. Additional new clothing, soccer balls, boots and jerseys and books were included. Muhindo was there to distribute the goods personally and sent photos back thanking Bob and Laurie 

Closer to home: DIK is regularly visited by Occupational Therapists seeking goods for their clients, and was able to assist a client, Manisha, with a new wheelchair. Her previous chair had broken so the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre reached out to DIK who were pleased to help. Colin assisted Manisha and her support worker. This was just one of the multiple requests for assistance from support workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses which DIK manages every week. The goods are provided without charge to either party.