Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS) Committee

RAWCS is a Multi-District project of Rotary in Australia which can assist and support Rotary Clubs and Districts in their endeavours in International Service.
The purpose of District 9800 RAWCS Committee is to encourage district clubs to develop and implement International Service Projects and to provide advice and support as requested and required. General and detailed advice on project identification, design, planning and implementation is  available.  Assistance with fundraising, tax deductibility and introductions to 9800 Clubs interested in developing shared projects is provided. Assistance and advice to volunteers interested in working on projects abroad is given.
Contact: Lili Teichman (E-Club Melbourne)
The operations of the RAWCS Committee include the following:

Project and Volunteer Support

International Service projects require a wide range of knowledge and resources and advice is available on matters such as project identification, planning, development and implementation. Assistance is also available to enable project and volunteer registration with RAWCS National to receive significant benefits.
Contact: Virginia Turner (Brighton North)

Mothers and Babies Support

Supporting the Alola Foundation in its efforts to meet maternal needs in Timor Leste by the provision of maternity packs and the establishment and support of village business enterprises such as soap making, paper making and weaving is the object of this project.
Contact: Jill Forsyth (Kew)

Rebuilding Samoa

This project seeks to assist the people of Samoa to rebuild their possessions and their lives after the devastating impacts of the 2009 Tsunami.
Contact: Garry Gunnell (Bendigo)

Rotarians against Malaria (RAM)

RAM is dedicated to the fight against malaria, one of the major health threats in the world today.
Contact: Dr Jacob Opio (Caroline Springs)

Safe Water Saves Lives

Water is life and this program provides communities with safe and reliable water for drinking and other purposes.
Contact: Peter McGrath (Footscray), Ruth Carlos-Martinez (Melbourne)

Water and Sanitation

Provision of safe and reliable water utilising technology including sand bio-filters and renewable energy in the Philippines is the object of this project.
Contact: Ruth Carlos-Martinez (Melbourne)

Donations in Kind

Goods and products that are of no further use in Australia can be valuable in developing countries. DIK provides the means by which they can be collected, stored and delivered to where they are needed (see inside back cover). 
Contact: Bob Glindemann (Melbourne),
Information Regarding Grants
Does your Rotary Club have an interest in an international project or local community compassionate grant?
The below links are a brief introduction via a 2-3 minute MP4 video to the process involved.
This can be viewed via the link or downloaded on a USB stick for a club presentation.
Compassionate Grants.