The Rotary Foundation Education Programs

The Rotary Foundation Education Programs are:

·Vocational Training Teams (VTT)

·Post Graduate Global Grant Scholarships

·Rotary World Peace Fellows

·Rotary Peace and Conflict Study Program for Professional Development

Information can also be found on the Rotary International website:

Post Graduate Global Grant Scholarships

The District 9800 Post Graduate Global outbound scholarship is funded  by  a Global Grant to a value of US$60,000. Applicants must study for a postgraduate degree in support of one of the six focus areas as defined by TRF which are:

  • Peace and conflict prevention / resolution.

  • Disease prevention and treatment.

  • Water and sanitation.

  • Maternal and child health.

  • Basic education and literacy.

  • Economic and community development.

Opportunities for your Club within the Scholarship program are to:

  • Identify and nominate a scholar candidate.

  • Invite an inbound scholar to speak at a Club meeting or special function.

  • Provide a counsellor for an inbound scholar during their stay and involve the Club in hospitality – but not accommodation.

Chair: David Gorman (Albert Park)
Committee: David Gorman, PDG Keith Ryall, DRFC Murray Verso, DG Philip Archer, DGE Dale Hoy, DGN Amanda Wendt  Bob Fels, Past Scholar Lien Trinh

Rotary World Peace Fellows

  • A fully funded two-year Master’s degree, at a Rotary Foundation selected Academic Peace Centre located at one of six prestigious Universities throughout the world.

  • Applications close on May 15, 2020 for study in 2020-2021.

Rotary Peace and Conflict Study Program for Professional Development

  • A three-month Certificate Course in Conflict Resolution and Peace Buildng held in Thailand, at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

  • Applications close on May 15, 2020 for study in  2021.

            Chair: Rob Helme (Melbourne)

            Committee: DG Grant Hocking, DGE Philip Archer, DGN Dale Hoy, IPDG Bronwyn Stephens, PDG Julie Mason, PDG Keith Ryall, DRFC PDG Murray Verso, Bob Fels, and a previous Peace Fellow.

Our District success rate leads the world, in fact the only District to successfully nominate one scholar every year. Let’s keep it that way. Committee members will help you; just ask. In keeping with our commitment to this program and what it stands for, US$25,000 will be contributed annually to the Peace Builder District program.