Paul Harris Fellow Recognition (PHF)

A Paul Harris Fellow is

  •      1. a person who has contributed, or

  •       2. in whose name

              a contribution of $US1000 has been made, to the Annual Programs Fund and certain other programs of The Rotary Foundation.


Recognition of a Paul Harris Fellow is an opportunity to show appreciation for a person, either Rotarian or non-Rotarian, who shares the values of the Foundation.

Awarding a Paul Harris Recognition

Understanding Foundation Recognition Points  download here

Check Recognition Points available  

Log into MyRotary -> Club and District Administration -> Reports  -> Contributions & Recognition -> Club Recognition Summary 

Find your Club Number  download list here

Paul Harris Application   download here    

How to complete form ->   download here 

Need help?

TRF Administration I The Rotary Foundation
Office Line: (612) 8894 9800
Facsimile: (612) 8894 9899

Paul Harris Medallion

Medallion US$15.00
Generally this is presented with the first Paul Harris Recognition given to Rotarian

Paul Harris Recognition Presentation Scripts

   How you present the recognition is up to your Club but here are some samples for you to use or adapt

     Sample 1   download here

     Sample 2   download here