Paul Harris Fellow Recognition (PHF)

A Paul Harris Fellow is

  •      1. a person who has contributed, or

  •       2. in whose name

              a contribution of $US1000 has been made, to the Annual Programs Fund and certain other programs of The Rotary Foundation.


Recognition of a Paul Harris Fellow is an opportunity to show appreciation for a person, either Rotarian or non-Rotarian, who shares the values of the Foundation.

Awarding a Paul Harris Recognition

Understanding Foundation Recognition Points  download here

Check Recognition Points available  

Log into MyRotary -> Club and District Administration -> Reports  -> Contributions & Recognition -> Club Recognition Summary 

Find your Club Number  download list here

Paul Harris Application   download here    

How to complete form ->   download here 

Need help?

TRF Administration I The Rotary Foundation
Office Line: (612) 8894 9800
Facsimile: (612) 8894 9899

Paul Harris Recognition Presentation Scripts

   How you present the recognition is up to your Club but here are some samples for you to use or adapt

     Sample 1   download here

     Sample 2   download here