District 9800 Foundation Goals 2018-2019

  • Every Club to support the Annual Giving program, by contribution of a cheque or pledge at or before the Melbourne Multi-district Conference.

  • To achieve a club contribution equivalent to at least A$150 for every club member.

  • To achieve a contribution to the End Polio campaign from every club, suggested as $26.50 for each club member, to finish the job we started and our promise to the children of the world.

  • To promote and encourage personal giving through membership of the Centurion Club with a yearly contribution of at least A$100. Target membership is 600 members.

  • To promote and encourage Rotarians for whom Centurion membership is challenging to be sustaining members of the Every Rotarian Every Year program (EREY).

  • To maintain Paul Harris Society membership at more than 135.

  • Every Club to include a Foundation speaker in their annual Club program, particularly in November, the month when Rotary highlights the work of The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

  • Every Club to send a representative to at least one Foundation Seminar during the year, (District Training Assembly Foundation session, District Foundation Grants Seminar or a specific District Humanitarian Grants Seminar). NB: This is a mandatory requirement for Clubs wishing to apply for a grant from TRF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • To select a Post Graduate Global Grant Scholar and successfully nominate at least one Rotary World Peace Fellow.

  • Encourage support for the annual Central Melbourne Paul Harris Foundation Breakfast (28 November 2018) and Goldfields Cluster‘s Foundation Dinner also in November 2018.

  • To promote and encourage Rotarians to become Benefactors or Bequest Society members.

  • Encourage and assist all clubs to complete  their Foundation Goals at MyRotary on www.rotary.org


           Specific information, program application downloads, program costs and deadlines relating to Humanitarian Grants, Educational Programs,  Polio Plus, Contributions  and Funding,  and Resources can  be accessed  from www.rotary.org/foundation.

           Recommended reading for Foundation Chairs: Grant Management Manual 1000- EN-912