Global Grants

  • Larger projects with sustainable high impact outcomes.
  • Aligned to the seven areas of focus.
  • Minimum grant contribution from TRF is US$15,000 (i.e. minimum grant budget is US$30,000).
  • TRF will match  DDF (District Designated Fund) contributions at 80%.
  • MOUs required from both International and Host partners.
        Submitted as a three-step process:
  • Scoping document to District Grants Committee
  • Proposal (once supported by District Grants Committee, online to TRF)
  • Application for approved proposal funding online to TRF
All Global Grant proposals must be presented to the Grants Committee for approval prior to submitting online to
If DDF is requested the maximum DDF support for club initiated Global Grants will generally not exceed US$7500.
If District funds are involved, the authorisation of the District Governor is also required