District Grant (two types)

District Grants require the approval of the District Grants Chair and the Grants Committee.
There are two classes of District Grants Local and International
A District Grant cannot be approved by the Grants Committee unless a Club has submitted a valid Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Club President and President Elect. Club MOU’s are valid for only the current Rotary year and must be renewed each Rotary year.
Club funding for approved Humanitarian Grant projects and final reports for District Grants must be coordinated through the District Foundation Humanitarian Grants Committee.
The three authorising signatures for the Draft Spending Plan (Block Grant) are the District Governor, District Foundation Director and District Grants Chair.
District Foundation Humanitarian Grants Committee: Chair Mark Stephens,  DRFC PDG Dennis Shore, DG Bronwyn Stephens, DGE Grant Hocking, DGN Philip Archer and DFSC Don Heath
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