District Grant (two types)

District Grants require the approval of the District Grants Chair and the Grants Committee.
Local within Australia:
  • For smaller community projects anywhere in Australia.
  • Projects are initiated by a Club and there must be active Rotarian involvement.
  • The Project must be a new initiative by the Club.
  • Require active Rotarian participation. Minimum grant A$1,000.
  • Maximum grant A$2,500 matching dollar for dollar.
  • Payment to club on completion of the project and provision of a report in a satisfactory format
    together with all receipts.
  • For international projects that do not qualify for a global grant.
  • Require an international partner that can be a Rotary District, a Rotary Club or a third party. Rotary partners are preferred.
  • Grants normally up to A$6,000 matching club contributions 50 cents in the dollar.
  • Club accountable for funds management. 
  • Payment to club on completion of the project and provision of a report in a satisfactory format together with all receipts
  • Up to 50% may be paid in advance in exceptional circumstances.
A Global Grant cannot be approved by the Grants Committee unless a Club has submitted a valid Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Club President and President Elect. Club MOU’s are valid for only the current Rotary year and must be revalidated each Rotary year.
NB: The three authorising signatures for the Draft Spending Plan (Block Grant) are the District Governor, District Foundation Director and District Grants Chair.

Chair Richard Blakeman  email

Committee: DG Grant Hocking, DRFC PDG Murray Verso, DGE Philip Archer, DGN Dale Hoy and DFSC Katrina Flinn
For more complete information on all Foundation matters please refer to the Foundation tab on the home page of the District website: www.rotarydistrict9800.org.au
Club funding for approved Humanitarian Grant projects and final reports for District Grants must be coordinated through the District Foundation Humanitarian Grants Committee.
Do not submit funds directly to Rotary International, Chicago USA, or the Parramatta Office until agreed by the District Grants Chair
Note: In 2020 the District Grants Foundation Seminar will be held in conjunction with the  District Training Assembly.: