Computers 4 Community

This program liaises with business and organisations to facilitate donations of late-model superseded PC and IT equipment that are then re-furbished with licenced Microsoft Software and a tutorial installed. These are then provided to disadvantaged students and needy groups in communities both local and overseas.
How Clubs can assist:
  • Source Desktop computers, screens, keyboards and mice (computers need to be at least Pentium 4 or above with DVD reader)
  • Fund $60 charge to cover Desktop licence fees and refurbishment costs
  • Source Laptop and Netbook computers complete with battery charger power supplies
  • Fund $80 charge to cover Laptop and Netbook computer licence fees and refurbishment costs
  • Source worthy recipients, either individuals or organisations (including local and overseas Rotary Clubs for funding batches for schools) to receive refurbished computers
  • Consider funding refurbishment costs and freight for overseas projects
Program representatives:  Rick Westcott (Melbourne)
Contact:  email here