• Probus is an association of active senior members of the community for those no longer working full-time, who can come together in clubs for a new lease of life through a range of events and activities.
  • Its basic purpose is to provide opportunities to exercise minds and bodies through social interaction and activities, expanding interests and enjoying the company of new friends.
  • Probus Clubs are chartered and sponsored by a Rotary Club and on formation become affiliated with Probus South Pacific (PSP).
More about Probus can be found at


There are close to 100 Probus clubs in District 9800 with a total membership over 7000.
Club sizes range from 30 to 200. There are many clubs with over 100 members and a few clubs with waiting lists.
Some Characteristics of Strong Probus Clubs
  • Good membership age profile and capabilities.
  • Good meeting venues and access.
  • Value adding activities and meetings.
  • Attractiveness to prospective members particularly newly retired.
  • Noticeable Fun, Fellowship and Friendship (Probus core values).
  • Capacity and capability for succession planning.
Maintain the Bridge – Rotary and Probus
Both organisations change their leadership every year. It is highly likely that with the passage of time some Rotary clubs may not be aware of having chartered a Probus club and similarly a Probus club may not remember what Rotary club chartered them. Sadly also there are cases where the charter Rotary clubs has returned its Rotary charter: in these cases we need to replace the original Rotary charter club with a current club so we have the opportunity for current connection and recognition.

Recommended Bridge Maintenance

A list of District 9800 Probus clubs and charter Rotary clubs is available under Files. Your assistance to consider the following ‘bridge maintenance’ is encouraged and requested:

  • Make connection with Probus club(s) your Rotary club has chartered.
  • Invite the Probus club President to the annual DG’s visit
  • Attend one Probus club meeting per year
  • If you see a Probus club with a non current Rotary charter club, consider chartering the Probus club.
Be aware the Probus club data base is not on-line and is only updated annually. 
There are many opportunities to grow interrelationships and derive and explore mutual and beneficial value.
Contact Mark Schirmer (Laverton Point Cook)