Posted by Director of Service, Lili Teichmann on Feb 06, 2023
On Sunday 5 February, members of District 9800 rolled up their sleeves and partnered with members from Rotary clubs in District 9780, with assistance from the President of the Rotary Club of Kerang (D9780), Gerardine Prendergast, who inspired and motivated both Rotarians and non-Rotarians to come together and volunteer to make meal kits for families who have been impacted by the floods in her region. 
Incorporating FORaMEAL packs made the day before at our Gateway DG Cluster visit in Bendigo, with some additional ingredients, we set a new record in preparing meal kits! 16 volunteers from both Rotary and community groups took just 30 minutes to put together 300 meal kits which would provide a total of 1500 meals. It was an awesome, hands on volunteering experience with participants sharing their experiences, many, ‘at the coal face’ and living first hand through the difficulties presented by the floods.
It was heart-warming to be part of this shared experience between RAWCS Southern Regions and Rotary members and see how, together, hand in hand, we made a huge difference to those in need. What started as a need identified by RC Kerang and shared at our weekly RAWCS meetings to support people impacted by the floods developed into a full-blown hands-on volunteering exercise where numerous people have been assisted.
All meals were distributed within days of the event – see below from President Geraldine…..
Thank you again for coming and sharing.
Some meal kits went to our local Vinnies group today with more going out to community groups at Benjeerop, Murrabit and Macorna tomorrow.
Hoping they will all be delivered to those in need by the weekend.”
Many thanks to DG Amanda and members of the various Rotary clubs, across our districts, who travelled to Kerang to be part of this experience.
Together, we made it happen and made a difference!