Posted by District Director of Service, Lili Teichman

Volunteering runs through the veins of our Rotarians, and in September, Volunteering with the DG involved two shifts of volunteers helping the Afghan Community to sort, pack, and box household items donated from all over Melbourne.  

On the first shift, Rotarians from different districts and non-Rotarian volunteers worked hand in hand to move and unload the privately donated items.  With the assistance of fellow Rotarians from Donations in Kind, (DIK) and the DIK truck, housewares and small items of furniture were transferred to a warehouse space in Balwyn from where they were transported to the Afghan Community warehouse facility in Noble Park. 

The second shift consisted of young volunteers, mostly non-Rotarians, working together, sorting the donated household items into boxes to be delivered to Noble Park.  

It was an amazing day for everybody; we felt a huge sense of pride in knowing we had come together, worked hard and made a difference to the Afghan Community.  

Thank you to all the volunteers including our Rotoractors who were engaged on the day – takeaways (apart from so much laughter and fun!) were that new connections and friendships were made through rolling up our sleeves and working together for a meaningful cause; and the knowledge that our efforts helped those in need. Special thanks to Rotary Club of North Balwyn for hosting the volunteer day. 

We look forward to seeing more volunteers at our Volunteering with the DG event in October at WERN. (Western Emergency Relief Network) 

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