Posted by Michele Kennedy on Jan 17, 2023

In 2020 Rotary Club Chadstone/East Malvern introduced their “Sleeping out Rough Night” program, to raise not only funds, but awareness that there are people every night who only have the street to call home. 

This year the ‘Sleeping Out Rough Night’ will be held in Central Park East Malvern, on the 17 March. We would love to see Rotary Clubs across District 9800 come and join us to make this year even more successful. Funds we raise this year, will go toward continuing to assist people experiencing homelessness; and also, to assist women and children escaping domestic and family violence. 

As the world was experiencing a pandemic, no one could have envisaged, especially Melbournians, having to tackle and undergo the worlds harshest lockdown restrictions. 
The members of Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern came together to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. A world disaster was not going to defeat the club from achieving what they had set out to do. The club’s first “Sleeping Out Rough Night” was in November 2020. Fortunately, by then  up to five people could meet at a home... so, we improvised and adapted. Club members offered their back yards, where we slept for the night, exposed to the elements, experiencing what our homeless are forced to endure every night. Through the kindness and generosity of club members families, friends, and colleagues, sponsoring club members to sleepout a total of just over $3000.00 was raised.  
The funds raised, were donated to Avalon Centre, Malvern East, founded by Debbie Holmes, who dedicates her life to aiding the homeless.  
By November 2021, Melburnians could meet in groups of up to 100 people.  Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern with the Rotary Club of Malvern, supported by a grant from Stonnington Council; and Donations In Kind, were able to use Central Park, located in the heart of Malvern. The night of the sleepout, was officially opened by the then Mayor of Stonnington, Cr Jami Klisaris.  
The ‘Sleeping out Rough Night’ was supported by 3 Local Businesses located in the heart of Malvern: Marshall White Real Estate, Norsu Interiors, and Family Health Clinic Malvern, were Blue Ribbon Sponsors of the ‘Sleeping out Rough Night’ program.  Club members, supporters of the ‘Sleeping out Rough Night’, family, and friends, donated funds toward the program and joined the sleepout for the night.  Through the overwhelming generosity of participants and sponsors the program raised $12,000, which went to support the magnificent work of Avalon. The funds also enabled Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern, to secure a District Grant, that assisted in the purchasing of a lifting device to be used in the Avalon storage facility.  
More information regarding where and how to register to come and join the ‘Sleeping out Rough Night’ on the 17 March 2023 will follow and also be published on