Posted by PDG Grant Hocking
By now you would have heard about Regionalisation via the several articles in RDU, social media or websites. Things have changed as the preparation has progressed and previously held opinions may be inaccurate, so ensure you are up to date by finding out more.
There are ample opportunities to learn more about Regionalisation. Learn the facts from fellow Rotarians in your district with a club visit, attend a webinar or via a recorded presentation link.
The basic information is that RI has approved Rotary Zone 8 (Australia, NZ and pacific Islands) to engage in a regional program to explore opportunities for Rotary in the future.
The Regionalisation pilot is a proposal to explore new ways of doing things in Rotary with the aim of reducing duplication and saving money. It seeks the opportunity to try a few things over the next few years and assess how these work- good or bad. This vote is to explore some options and help create the Rotary of the future.
In a few years after the pilot is completed there will be an opportunity to vote again on the positive changes to become permanent. This vote is to give things a go and explore some options. Take control of your Rotary future.
The timeline is related to a vote by each club in September where Presidents will be making the vote on behalf of your club to proceed with the Regionalisation pilot. It is important to understand what is being planned so your club can make an informed decision.
  • Every club vote will be counted. 
  • Not voting will count as a No vote- so it's important to vote. 
  • The pilot will only progress with a positive vote by more than two-thirds of clubs
This is also the place for any Rotarian to have your say (My Say button on the main page). Ideas and comments are encouraged. More information including a Fact sheet can be found at the website
I hope this helps your understanding of Regionalisation and encourages you to want to learn more.  Remember we are here to help so take advantage of the variety of the opportunities to learn more about Regionalisation.
  1. Club visit
Members of the District 9800 Regionalisation presentation team are seeking an opportunity to present the information to all D9800 clubs. This will ensure you have all the facts and provides an opportunity to ask questions.
If your club has yet to arrange a presentation, take action ASAP by send an email to with some preferred dates for a meeting in the next 6 weeks.
We have booked in more than half of the clubs in D9800 and don’t want you to miss out.
  1. Information Sessions
If any Rotarian misses hearing about Regionalisation at a club presentation or has any additional questions or requires clarification then there is an opportunity to attend any one of six identical webinars are being held in July and August. The host for the webinars will be Rotary International Director Jessie Harman. Presenters will be Co-Chairs PDG Ingrid Waugh and PDG Peter Frueh. The duration will be one hour with approximately twenty minutes of introduction and presentation, with the remainder answering questions.
  • Saturday morning 9am  23 July
  • Monday evening 6pm   25 July
  • Sunday afternoon 3pm  31 July
  • Thursday evening 7pm  4 August
  • Tuesday mid-day 12 noon 9 August
  • Friday morning 7am 12 August
Click on this link to access the invitation details and on the form itself, click on your preferred date to register your attendance.
  1. Recorded session
The recorded presentation and Q&A from a recent Membership Voice webinar. In this briefing ‘Regionalisation and You’, Amanda Barnes (AUS) and Ingrid Waugh (NZ) explain the benefits of Regionalisation in Zone 8, and answer questions. You are invited to access the link to the recording via the Facebook or YouTube.