ShelterBox Australia (SBA) are seeking two experienced Rotarians to join the Board of Directors with effect from July 2022. 
The positions being sought are:
General Board Director
Finance Director

These are voluntary positions where you will contribute to the governance of Rotary’s Partner in Disaster Relief, and experience firsthand how ShelterBox and Rotary work closely together to provide vital humanitarian aid to those most in need of shelter after disaster.

ShelterBox is an independent charity but works very closely with Rotary International as its disaster relief partner. SBA is one of 14 global affiliates to the ShelterBox Trust and has the key role of promoting ShelterBox and related fundraising within Australia in support of global operations for deployment of humanitarian aid. In recognition of this partnership and the strong support received from Rotary, both in fundraising and in supporting operational deployments, SBA ensures that its Board has an appropriate balance of experienced Rotarians amongst its makeup which includes Directors from a number of private sector organisations with relevant corporate and Not-for-Profit experience. The current board vacancies are General Board Director, and Finance Director.

The General Board position has the usual responsibilities of any company director role, but also enables directors to apply skill sets to assist in the strategic direction of the organisation and supporting fundraising campaigns.

The Finance Director position has the same responsibilities but focuses on governance related to the organisation’s finances.

The SBA Board meets monthly via Teams and each year aims to hold a face-to-face meeting for strategic planning purposes. Governance is aided through the use of Board sub-committees, which meet as required.

The most recent SBA Annual report 2020-21 can be viewed at

And the latest Rotary / ShelterBox Partnership Impact Report can be viewed at 2021_Rotary_Impact_report_AUS.pdf (

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please give me a call at 0418786945 or email me at

Paul Roger Chair ShelterBox Australia