Posted by Dorothy Gilmour on Nov 28, 2022

Did you hear about the two blood cells that fell in love?  Alas, it was all in vein! 

Did You Know?  Over 8.3 million Australians will need blood in their lifetime.  Your family, grandchild, close friends? 

Well Rotary Hawthorn Lifeblood Team’s blood donation was not in vain!  A gallant group of Members and a Friend of Rotary (Hawthorn’s 'Bloody Legends') met at high noon at Camberwell Central Bowls Club - which did not look like a bowling club after Red Cross Lifeblood had installed their hospital beds, syringes and tubing by the metre, along with their fantastic nurses. 

Prior to giving our donations, we sat in the sunshine enjoying lively conversation and Dorothy Gilmour’s chicken, mango and cashew nut salad;, bread;, and chocolate brownies; along with and juice and water for hydration purposes.  Rotary Hawthorn’s Lifeblood Team provided their blood, in vein, but not in vain!  According to Lifeblood, our donations will go on to save at least three lives.   

It is intended to make this project an annual one.  Can we increase our numbers next year?  Did you know, your Club can create its own Lifeblood Team and donate blood? Register your club and challenge other Rotary clubs in District 9800.  



Call Lifeblood on 13 14 95 or contact via the Lifeblood website: 

And like Rotary Hawthorn, be part of the Rotary Action Group for Blood Donation (RAGBD) on Facebook:

Be the Lifeblood of Australia as a proud Rotarian