Posted by PDG Murray Verso on Nov 23, 2022

Rotary’s Council on Resolutions (COR) and Council on Legislation (COL) give us a voice in how our organisation is governed. 

The Council on Resolutions of Rotary International meets online every year to vote on resolutions proposed by clubs, districts, and the RI Board. Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Foundation Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the RI constitutional documents. 

Voting for the 2022 Council on Resolutions took place between 17th October and 1st November. District Representative, Murray Verso, placed the District 9800 vote on each of the 16 resolutions online after discussion with DG Amanda Wendt, and past COL representatives, PDG Dennis Shore, PDG Don Jago and PDG Ian Knight and the alternate as the District’s COL Representative, PDG Peter Frueh. 

The following eight (8) resolutions were adopted 

22R-01 To request the RI Board to consider encouraging senior members to increase their level of engagement with new members.  

22R-02 To request the RI Board to consider including the vice president of the club among the officers listed in the Official Directory and also providing him/her with the same access to resources and services available to the club president on My Rotary 

22R-03 To request the RI Board to consider lowering the minimum number of   members a club must have to sponsor a new club from 20 to 15 members 

22R-04 To request the RI Board to consider allowing retired professionals to add the word ‘retired’ to their classification in Rotary’s member database 

22R-06 To request the RI Board to consider improving the access and readability of the Board meeting minutes 

22R-14 To request the RI Board to consider conducting Rotary events in a manner that takes global environmental issues into consideration  

22R-15 To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to provide that representatives shall be elected in the year of the Council on Legislation  

22R-16 To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to a future Council on Legislation to include the Standard Rotaract Club Constitution as one of the constitutional documents.  

District 9800 voted in favour of Resolution 22R-10 (To request the RI Board to consider endorsing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) but this was rejected with 175 districts in favour but 275 opposed.  

We now await news from the RI Board to confirm the approval of the eight adopted resolutions. 

Detailed information on each resolution, both adopted and rejected, can be found at 2022 COR resolutions and voting outcomes  

The deadline for submitting resolutions to the next Council on Resolutions is 30 June 2023. 

The Council on Legislation (COL) meets in person every three years to consider and vote on enactments which change Rotary’s constitutional documents and RI Board position statements. The last COL was held in Chicago in April of this year and the next will convene in 2025. Each of the 545 Rotary District send a representative to the COL and can participate in the COR.