In response to the pandemic and the current restrictions in Melbourne, the District 9800 Environmental Sustainability Committee was challenged to come up with an activity that would make a positive contribution to the environment, engage members and maintain their safety while in lock down.

We came up with the concept of ‘Colour your World’ which aims to encourage members collectively to contribute to biodiversity and support pollinators, by growing flowering plants in their garden.

 (in the current world of shades of grey)

  • Members choose seeds to grow flowering plants (including vegetables) that support insects, butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators while adding colour to their world.

  • Plants can be grown in the front gardens, back gardens, balconies, rooftops or pots.

  • Seeds may be ordered on line or ‘click & collect’ from your local nursery.

  • Members can interact with each other with tips, sharing information, posting their photos or videos in club Zoom meetings.

  • An add-on benefit during these challenging times is that gardening is well  recognised for its positive mental well-being impact

We believe  can be easily achieved:

  • it is a simple idea

  • it is tangible

  • it does not involve leaving your home and therefore safe

  • it is an opportunity to engage members in a meaningful activity

 is the first step in a broader environmental sustainability strategy but the current focus is on this initiative that can be started straight away.

This call to action requires:

  • Your Club’s leadership

  • Nominate an Environmental Sustainability Club representative to coordinate this initiative

  • Propose for at least one club member to become an ESRAG member – it costs $US30 and gives access to a wealth of environmental sustainability resources and ideas.

In taking this up your club get the chance to be part of the new Area of Focus.

Seed Supplier Suggestion

(Note: The Environmental Sustainability Committee is not endorsing any seed supplier, below are examples only)



Online Seed Collection Suppliers

Examples of Seed collections from Diggers

A cautionary note about pesticides

An important consideration when planting seeds is the awareness to the impact of pesticides and systemic herbicides on our ecosystem. Many of the broad-spectrum sprays are harmful to pollinators, birds and other beneficial insects, such as ladybirds and dragonflies. In a balanced ecosystem, these pollinators help control harmful pests. Further information can be found on the following website: