Mentoring Program Support


There is a growing demand for new mentoring programs involving Rotary. We are developing a new program with Ambulance Victoria and looking at opportunities in Youth Services.

Rotarians have a great breadth and depth of knowledge in various professional fields along with life experiences and are often available to take on mentoring roles in their broader communities. Rotarians interested in assisting as mentors are encouraged to contact the Vocational Service Committee.

Contact: Alan Seale (Central Melbourne)

Rotarians as Mentors

A sound-mentoring program builds an ability to mentor effectively and consistently. To ensure that Rotary’s mentoring programs share a well-designed model, Yarra Bend Rotary has developed and delivered a mentor training program. This program taps into individuals’ informal mentoring capabilities and develops these skills into formal and structured approaches to mentoring. In doing so, it builds confidence in the mentors to deliver the mentoring program to a wide range of mentees in a variety of professional or pre-professional settings.

Contact: Edda Williams (Yarra Bend) Matt Pollard (Yarra Bend)

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