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Please share this information with all members and invite them to broadcast it through social media, Club Bulletins and other communication with family, friends and workplaces.  We really want to spread the word on this campaign.

There are several ways Rotary Clubs in this District are assisting in the drought effort.   Creative and innovative ways that our farmers and communities have requested.  We have another opportunity to partner with Foodbank.  They are providing free transportation for us and this is just another way to assist…..and to connect with our community all the while….please read on.

D9800 has a new initiative, working with Foodbank to collect all types of practical goods, treats - what communities have asked for and most particularly what the school communities have requested.

So how do you participate?

First step - watch this video explaining the project


Then read the following information which gives further details.


Feed a Farmer Information

Feed a Farmer Foodbank Flyer

Feed a Farmer Interactive Flyer (Clubs can personalise)

Feed a Farmer Foodbank Information

Feed a Farmer Donations Machine


Need more Information?
Please contact Kerry Kornhauser:
Phone:   0411 597 690