Many Networker readers have seen her dashing about for a better camera angle at one of the conferences, district assemblies or other events over the past decade, but how many know Bronwyn Fanning?

With parents who were teachers, and her dad a Rotarian, Bronwyn had a head start in the world of Rotary. After participating in a Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (RYLA) in 1994, Bronwyn became aware of a new Rotaract club being formed in Altona City. Her interest led to her becoming a charter member and then on to holding almost every possible position in the club, including being President twice and District Rotaract Representative – the “DG of Rotaract”.

Bronwyn assisted the club with several fun theatre/restaurant mystery nights and was a leader on 20 Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) activities. She is still on the District RYPEN committee and is Rotaract Chair.

Asked why the other Rotaractors didn’t join Rotary, Bronwyn replied: “Time, cost, and probably most importantly, they were never asked!” 

As a Rotaractor, Bronwyn met a lot of people at conferences and was subsequently approached by a number of clubs to join.  However, she decided on the one that sponsored her Rotaract club, Altona City.

Most young people have causes to which they want to contribute. “They have individual priorities and we need to listen to their passions to see if Rotary can accommodate them,” advised Bronwyn, going on to say, “Young people are attracted to causes rather than organisations. Not all of them want to have a chicken dinner once a week.”

Bronwyn believes that Environmental Sustainability and Peace are macro issues that will be attractive to some younger people, and that Rotary needs flexible structures to involve them.

“Clubs also need to engage with them…like inviting past members to be involved in programs such as Clean Up Australia Day. There is a new Youth Hub initiative through Facebook, which will try to interest them in Rotary,” Bronwyn advises.

“I’ve had satisfaction from opportunities to serve, especially RYLA and Rotaract, and some of my best friends are people I have met through Rotaract and Rotary,” Bronwyn said.

Asked how she got behind the lens, Bronwyn remembered how she became interested after one of her high school teachers took a lot of photos. Bronwyn bought herself a camera and has not looked back.