• For international projects that do not qualify for a global grant.
  • Require an international partner that can be a Rotary District, a Rotary Club or a third party. Rotary partners are preferred.
  • Minimum grant A$1,000
  • Maximum Grant A$6,000 matching $1 Grant funding for every $2 of club contribution,
  • Applicant (Lead) Club is accountable for funds management.
  • Up to 50% may be paid in advance in exceptional circumstances.

International Scoping Project Grant

Grants may be available to assist clubs completing a community assessment in preparation for a Global Grant application
Factors that will demonstrate this will likely include:
  • Prior experience of the proposer(s) with the host country
  • An established link with a Rotary club and/or organisation in the host country that has expressed willingness to support the project financially
  • Relevant vocational skills are held by the proposers
  • The project fits into one of the six areas of focus for The Rotary Foundation
  • Prior experience of the proposers with international humanitarian projects
  • A cogent preliminary business case identifying the perceived need, initial solution and expected steps to implementation.
  • A demonstrated ability to deliver on projects