New District Chair for Environment and Sustainability

An exciting and proud announcement - this year our District 9800 has created a new Chair to focus on existing and future club programs relating to Environment and Sustainability.
Rotary has always reflected and responded to community and humanitarian needs and changes. There are many significant challenges facing our world today and many are related to environment and implications for our future generations. Internationally, our Rotary global presence in this area has been led by ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group)…..worth a look at their website ( which includes many important global programs in Rotary countries and key club programs in many diverse environmental areas including forestation, sanitation, irrigation, pollination and threats to our food chain, marine cleanliness/ plastics in our oceans and rivers etc.
In District 9800, many clubs already have programs in these areas. We believe this is a significant concern for our immediate survival and future generations and therefore warrants a strong focus and District support. Accordingly, we have appointed Fabienne Nichola and John McCaskill to be joint Chairs for Environment and Sustainability in District 9800. They will be working closely with ESRAG and other existing bodies including Rotarians for Bees as well as other Districts to introduce new environmental projects to clubs who wish to be involved….and to support and strengthen existing programs already in place with many of our clubs.
Fabienne and John are keen to learn of all existing environmental programs being conducted in District 9800. They would also welcome any interest from Rotarians who would like to be involved in the District Environment Committee. Contact details for Fabienne are 0419 706 206/ and for John 0414 477 444/
Rotarians for Bees is a a project of #esrag (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group) and Rotarians from a range of Clubs & Districts who are forging alliances with individuals, groups & organisations active in supporting bees and pollinators as they are in dire straits all around the world but vital for food production everywhere!
Join us in sharing information, links to interesting videos & news under the hashtag #rotariansforbees !