Strategy 2022-2023


Rotary District 9800 subscribes to the Rotary International Action Plan and Strategic Priorities

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves


As people of Action, we make decisions grounded in evidence


As People of Action, we are inclusive, engaging, compassionate and ambitious on behalf of the world


As People of Action,  we create meaningful relationships across decades and continents


As People of Action, we seek new perspectives and ideas to strengthen us and create lasting change   

These Priorities are implemented through consecutive yearly Action Plans, led by each year’s Governor, delivered by their leadership team, building on the successes of their predecessor

Growth Action Plan 2022-2023


Rotarians are world leaders at making a difference, and it is our clubs who know their community best. So, imagine helping our clubs grow to make an even bigger difference for their communities.

From targeted local projects to eradicating polio, our Rotarians are motivated and highly effective at doing good in the world.

The experience, networks and resources our members have developed ensures Rotary’s role as a world-leading changemaker is promising. So, given the amazing capability of our members, how can District best support our clubs to continue and even grow their capacity to make a difference for their communities?Imagine providing interested clubs a clear pathway to connect with the 3–in 10 adults who already volunteer, convert those participants into members and develop a new generation of community leaders to raise our profile and much-needed funds. Imagine launching a new online showcase of our local, hands on projects to make it easy to connect with those thousands of viable volunteers online, participate and share their experience with their network.

Imagine equipping our clubs to promote the in-demand personal/professional development that only Rotary membership offers. And imagine current member retention if we mentor these new members into our community leaders and work together on projects and community fundraising events.

I look forward to working with you to implement GrowthActionPlan2022-2023 and support our clubs who want to make a bigger difference for their community


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