The 2018-2021 District 9800 Strategic Plan

The District Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 provides clubs with recommendations to strengthen their clubs, to become involved in humanitarian service, to enhance Rotary’s public image and to develop a public awareness of Rotary through their work. Check the District website for details.

District Recognitions and applicable criteria are available from the District 9800 website. Club Service Directors should involve their colleagues in the completion of applications. They are also encouraged to seek RI recognition by applying for a Presidential Citation for their club.

The end of a Rotary year is a good time to make your members feel valued, to celebrate your achievements and to thank your members and club partners for their support, efforts and commitment. It is also a good time for the District 9800 Leadership Team to recognise work improving lives and to congratulate Clubs on their commitment to serve others.

Consider applying for a District 9800 Recognition because of pride in what your club has achieved, the benefits of your club’s work and the level of commitment that has been displayed. Celebrating success and recognising others is a crucial aspect of Club and District Service. Special certificates will be presented by the DGEN so that members and allies can celebrate your work. An electronic District 9800 Recognition Logo will be made available to successful clubs to use on their various forms of communication.

Download a copy of the plan