By Rowan McClean

Following are some tips to consider when re-engaging your Club’s members post lockdown:

  • Allocate missing members to individuals for contact
  • Hold a special club dinner or event outside the normal venue to celebrate the Centenary of Rotary in Australia (21st April)
  • Offer a free “return dinner/lunch/breakfast”
  • Set up a special club review event to plan the way ahead
  • Arrange blockbuster speakers and invite partners
  • Set up special sub groups for coffee, golf, bowls, days for girls sewing, or book reading
  • Conduct excursions (e.g. winery or nursery visits, a Maribyrnong or Yarra boat trip, dinner at the Parliament dining room, State Library visit, a film night) 
  • Negotiate better arrangements with your venue and seek their ideas for jazzing up meetings 
  • Offer attendance cost relief in some form 
  • Run a trivia night
  • Hold a club dinner at Donations In Kind
  • Organise a debate with a local high school
  • Conduct a consultation night to plan improvements 
  • Conduct some “sign-up Fridays” - perhaps coffee with prospective members and two existing members.