By Lisa Lowcock, PP Rotary Club of Essendon

Youth Projects is an independent registered charity committed to breaking the cycle of disadvantage by providing front line support to individuals, particularly youth, experiencing unemployment, homelessness, alcohol, and other drug issues. They also help those looking to re-engage with learning and employment. A key service provided by Youth Projects is through Night Nurses Outreach.

This service involves an after-hours primary care team (night nurses) to deliver health care on the streets of Melbourne for people sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness. They address the immediate and primary care needs of these disadvantaged people by providing health and social assessments, professional nursing care, counselling and active support, first aid, medication management and follow-ups.

It is to support the essential work of the Night Nurses Outreach service that the Rotary Cub of Essendon has formed a partnership with Youth Projects, and have been successful in receiving a District 9800 Foundation Grant of $2,000 for what we have called the Youth Projects - After Dark Program. The club’s matching contribution will therefore bring the total amount for this project to $4,000. These funds will enable the purchase of medical supplies, sunscreen, and backpacks to support the night nurses with their after-hours primary care services to people on the streets of Melbourne.

An average of 60 people per week are provided support services through this program and Rotary Essendon is a proud partner in this essential work.