When a friend introduced Samantha to the Orbit Satellite Club of Southbank, she saw an opportunity to use her business creativity and help make a difference in the world.  She joined the Club in June 2020.

Although having lived in Melbourne for most of her life, Samantha travelled extensively pre-COVID, particularly to the USA, Middle East and Brisbane for work. A digital transformation strategist, Samantha recently commenced maternity leave after giving birth to son, Harlow.

Whilst Harlow currently keeps her busy, Samantha continues to harbour a passion for projects that assist women with their careers, and in the past has volunteered with ‘Girls in Tech’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in the technology sector. At her happiest when helping and mentoring women to achieve their career best, Samantha has also worked on various projects including redesigning an emergency hot water process in the Middle East. This particular project involved running intensive workshops and presenting to the Royal family in Abu Dhabi. Samantha loves a challenge and ‘being thrown into the deep end’ of a tough project.

Samantha believes the biggest challenges for Rotarians in the future will be having a genuine connection with others whilst being in lockdown, and being able to make a difference when there are so many causes that need attention.

Whilst she enjoys supporting her creative friends by attending various events, Samantha is grateful that her family have moved in with her during lockdown to provide support and share Harlow’s first months.