As is traditional at this time of year, Rotary International President-elect Jennifer Jones has announced the theme for 2022-2023 and it couldn’t be more fitting especially for Rotarians in our District. As one of the best calls to action for our leaders, Jennifer is emboldening us to Imagine Rotary and what’s possible for our clubs, for Rotary, and for ourselves. 

The logo has a special connection to us in D9800. As you’ll notice it’s not a typical presidential theme logo and was designed by Indigenous Australian artist Riki Salam in celebration of the Melbourne International Convention. As you’d expect from our dynamic, incoming RI President-elect, it’s packed with symbolism - it’s very Jennifer however it’s also very us for 2022-2023!

  • The circle represents our connection to each other. 

  • The dots around the circle represent our people and there are seven to align with each of our areas of focus.

  • Together the circle and dots are our north star.

  • The green solid line is a digging stick representing the tools we use as people of action to do the work and make things happen.

The colours purple, green, and white celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion: our polio achievements (purple), our enhanced focus on the environment (green), and our efforts in peace (white). They are also a nod to the women’s movement as we focus on growing female membership, particularly younger members. 

I cannot wait to Imagine Rotary and to turn our game-changing ideas and aspirations into reality in 2022-2023.

Amanda Wendt
District 9800 Governor-elect