By Helena Wimpole

The International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians was formed after a group of French Rotarians developed the idea of having at least 100 Rotarians competing in the Paris Marathon during Rotary’s Centennial year in 2005. The Fellowship was chartered the following year at the Berlin Marathon and since then, the group has met annually somewhere around the world to participate in a long distance running event.

Marathon running is a popular sport throughout the world with many countries having annual events. For this reason the International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians has many countries from which to choose when organising a place where its members can stay, compete in a marathon event and enjoy hospitality, friendship and local tourism.

A very important part of the Fellowship is fundraising for Rotary projects, mostly focusing on the Rotary Foundation’s aim to eradicate Polio.

The participants of this Fellowship are dedicated to promoting long distance running and endurance sports to experience fellowship with others who also enjoy these pursuits.

Other objectives are to develop and promote worldwide friendship through running in competitive events; serve the community locally, nationally and internationally through running activities; and promote international understanding and peace through running activities.

The main task of the Fellowship is to organise one Rotary event each year during an international marathon, where Rotarians from many parts of the world, can meet and enjoy friendships while running for a good Rotary cause. Apart from Paris and Berlin, Rotary Fellowship Marathons have been held in Amsterdam, New York, Medoc, Vienna, Townsville (Great Barrier Reef), Graz, London, Budapest, Ljubljana and Queenstown, New Zealand.

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