By Rowan McClean, D9800 Club Service Chair

A little-used concept, sometimes inviting tough honesty, is that of ‘Dilemmas’, a tool Rotary clubs can use when faced with challenges.

By considering trade-offs, impacts and possible solutions for some issues, you can often find break-through approaches for your club. This brief article will outline some of these, but you can involve your members in a discussion about the specific dilemmas your club might be facing and what to do about them.

Let’s look at some of dilemmas:

Community projects | Older members

As members age, we have fewer who can undertake physical work. Can we therefore consider also undertaking passive projects, such as reading to Primary School children and mentoring elderly citizens?

International Projects | Local Projects

Some members adhere to the “charity begins at home” philosophy. Rotary helps communities everywhere. Can we strike a balance?

Volunteers | Performance accountability

Businesses recruit staff for specific purposes and can demand performance. Volunteers cannot be subjected to the same scrutiny. Can we develop a skills matrix in the club that enables better task/capability matching?

Revenue from BBQ’s needed | Rotary’s Image

Many non-Rotarians have no idea of the extensive scope of Rotary activity beyond sausage sizzles. What other highly visible activities can we undertake in our community? Should we send our club bulletin to local residents?

Need for Funds | Limited opportunities

Charities compete for the same dollars and clubs find it hard to raise sufficient funds to make worthwhile community service contributions. Can we form partnerships with cluster clubs, local council, churches, schools, local traders, sporting clubs and other organisations to discover new opportunities?

Weekly Meetings | Limited time

Some members value regular fellowship.  Others have family, work and other commitments and can only attend meetings sometimes. Can we cater for varying attendance needs and still maintain a cohesive and happy club?

What dilemmas does your club face?  Is it worth devoting a meeting to review them?