Ready – Aim – Fire!

Selecting, managing and delivering projects that meet needs effectively can be a tricky business for Rotary clubs given there are lots of project options and many interested parties to consider.

Every club wants to ensure their projects succeed – but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin or how to manage the things that get in the way.  Clearly engaging effectively with your community in identifying the issues of concern and collaborating with the key stakeholders in developing solutions that will help those most in need are key factors in achieving a successful outcome.  But what is the best way of going about doing this?

Your club may already have a well-developed project evaluation and management tool that works for you.  If so well done!  If, however, your club feels it requires some assistance in this area one option to consider is Rotary Connects developed by the Rotary Club of Melbourne.  Rotary Connects is a simple six-step process that helps identify issues and create projects that involve members and deliver outcomes that benefit your community.

The following links will provide you with an overview of the Rotary Connects Process:

  1. Prologue / Checklist - Rotary_Connects_-_Prologue_6_October_2018.pdf
  2. Process Chart - Rotary_Connects_-_Process_Chart_3.pdf
  3. Resource Kit (PDF) - Rotary_Connects_Resource_Kit_March_2018.pdf

Whilst you can adapt these tools to suit your needs, you may also consider calling on the Rotary Connects team to help you use their process to tailor your unique project to the resources of your club and community. 

For further information on the assistance the Rotary Connects team can provide contact Program Representative: Chris Stillwell (Rotary Club of Melbourne)

E: T: 0419 874 598