Talking to many Rotarians and clubs in the District, I’m incredibly moved by the amazing array of projects that are undertaken to help those in need, or improve the lives of others. Bringing projects to fruition requires considerable effort, and influence! This in turn places emphasis on those in our networks who can help us to achieve our project goals. I recently read an article on this topic, which highlighted the importance of identifying and cultivating three specific social types who can help us to bring about success: Connectors—people who like to make introductions that will aid your network growth; Informational Powerhouses—people who have strong knowledge of Rotary as an organisation and the broader business/community; and, Influencers—those who help to get things done outside of your scope. With these three types of people in your network, you will have what it takes to make your project ideas happen. To read more about these types, click here.

I’m delighted to advise that a new satellite club will be chartered next Tuesday, 24th November. The Rotary CEO Satellite Club of Southbank is a new concept, bringing together a team of senior leaders from corporate, not-for-profit, research and government backgrounds whose aim will be to develop strategy to influence key stakeholders to support nominated projects; and, to adopt the United Nations’ Four Principles for Social Investment and drive corporate social responsibility. This club complements the already-established Rotary Millennial Satellite Club of Southbank with the added aim of the CEO Club members mentoring and supporting the future leaders within the Millennial Club. These two clubs accommodate the flexibility needed to attract new members to Rotary and allow us to build for the future.

We have a few District events scheduled for the next few days and weeks, and I encourage all Rotarians to book. The Rotary in Harmony Celtic Concert is this Sunday, the 22nd, the 24th Paul Harris & Business Leaders Breakfast is on the 24th; and the next Morning Tea with the DG is on 5th December.

Have a great week everyone—Rotary expands our minds and broadens our horizons.

Rotary District 9800 Governor Philip Archer