Rotary Districts in Australia and New Zealand initiated the Centurion Program many years ago as an easy way for all Rotarians to support their charity, The Rotary Foundation.

The program asks members to make a yearly contribution of AUS$100 or more to the Foundation’s Annual Fund. That’s about $2 per week.

With Rotary celebrating 100 years in Australia and New Zealand, how about becoming a Centenary Centurion!

The benefits of doing so mean that The Foundation helps Rotarians deliver much greater impact, in our communities and around the world. Any Rotarian with a great idea can access Foundation funding to deliver a community project that would otherwise have been well out of reach. It is estimated that for every $100 contributed in Australia and New Zealand, Rotarians have received grants of $183 to support their projects! Think of the Foundation as your
Impact Multiplier.

How do you become a Centurion?

  • Many clubs simply add a $100 option to their annual dues invoice and then forward this, on your behalf, to The Foundation.
  • Others add $2 to the weekly attendance fee.
  • Mostly, members just go to My Rotary and set up a regular payment, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly, to the Annual Fund.

For half the cost of a cup of coffee, or $2.00 per week, you can become a Centurion.

In the centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, become a Centenary Centurion … and your donation will be fully tax deductible!”

The Rotary Foundation is our charity after all. Let’s all support it and multiply our impact in the world.