Rotary Southbank set to launch an online youth job search program

Entering the job market at any time in life can be a little nerve-wracking, but when it’s the first time you embark on this process, it can be even more daunting.

Rotary Southbank is addressing this issue through ‘First Steps’, an online resource that will guide all those new to approaching the job market through an interactive program that breaks down each aspect of securing employment into easy-to-understand segments.

The program also provides access to mentoring and coaching facilities, either through online or face-to face workshops, as well as a range of case studies that will provide insight to the various stages of the job search process.

Particularly aimed at young people about to embark on their careers, the program provides an easy step-by-step guide to self-analysis in readiness for a career, setting objectives, understanding skills and competencies regardless of work experience, identifying useful networks, where to look for jobs, how to really read job advertisements and respond accordingly, putting together a winning and tailored resume, understanding the interview process and preparing for it, readying referees and assessing a job offer.

Andrew, a young graduate who had been applied for many roles without success, embarked on a precursor to the program. He remarked: “I was going about it all wrong, but now I understand it from what the company is looking for, not just what I want.” 

After successfully securing his first role, Andrew said he feels far more confident and committed to managing his career going forward.

‘First Steps’ builds confidence around the job search process and arms young people with the skills to approach many different potential work-related situations, including annual performance reviews and applying for promotions. They also learn effective listening skills and questioning techniques that will prove useful in all aspects of life. 

Rotary Southbank is planning to launch the new program in June/July.