Here's an explanation.

  •     The goal is to have every D9800 Rotarian gave a personal $5 donation to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) this year. 
  •     Most Rotarians don't donate to The Rotary Foundation and this needs to change. 
  •     Rotarians already donating money each year should keep doing it and know that it is appreciated. 
  •     It is our charity and helps fund all the wonderful projects of Rotary and Rotary clubs locally and globally.
              95% goes directly to great projects. 
              Rated highest rating by Charity Navigator for 11 consecutive years.
               It is tax deductible.

It would be wonderful if you could give more than $5.00 - imagine how much good that money could do!!

                                                                         Please include your Club Number   available here

                                               How to donate click here