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Content Item - Rotary Connects - Make Your Community Service Projects More Meaningful with More Lasting Benefits

Rotary Clubs, like yours, invest valuable time and effort towards improving the lives of the disadvantaged you have identified in your community. Imagine your project at its peak performance and impact level and you are imagining Rotary Connects at work in your club.

Rotary Connects is a 6-step collaborative process that can turn your club project into a whole of community initiative.

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Content Item - Life After Stroke

Mentoring for Return to Community Engagement (a vocationally inspired program)

The Life After Stroke (LAS) program is conducted in conjunction with Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) and provides for Rotarians to be supported to engage the Rotary network to find suitable community engagement, work experience and (where possible) paid work.

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Content Item - Vocational Service Month

In a Rotary context, October is “Vocational Service Month”, a time for Rotarians to focus on their vocation and its importance to their local community and society at large.

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