Vocational Visits

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Exchange programs are a well-established Rotary vehicle for personal and professional development. Historically, D9800 has participated in reciprocal group exchanges, typically four weeks in length with teams of four or five members from participating districts, and funded by the Rotary Foundation.

To address changes in the funding model and to recognise the time pressures in professional careers, we are moving to a new format with the continuing objective of providing vocational development opportunities for professionals from our District or another country.

The emphasis here is to provide meaningful vocational experiences for participants in a more flexible format. Typically organised by clubs, visits are to be developed in conjunction with an overseas club or district, have a clearly defined field of study in one of the Rotary Foundation’s areas of focus, and be incoming, outgoing or both in a reciprocal arrangement. District will provide support in establishing appropriate governance standards and grants may be available to complying programs to help defray the costs.

Contact: Foundation Committee: Henry Drury (Hawthorn), Vocational Service Committee: John McCaskill (Canterbury)

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