Rotary Australia Benevolent Society

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RABS was a new initiative introduced in 2013 to help individuals or communities suffering stress, poverty, sickness, disability, misfortune or helplessness. It is a local program focussing on local needs rather than an internal program, but qualifies for Australian Tax Office tax deductibility status by being aligned with RAWCS during this pilot phase.

Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG)

RAWCS are delighted to announced that Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick Smith has generously donated $1 million dollars for Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) projects throughout Australia. Administered by the RABS committee through the Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG) program, this matched funding is designed to benefit a huge range of projects throughout the country and provide an important cash injection into helping our fellow Australians.

For more information about current projects undertaken through RABS, please visit RABS on the National RAWCS Website.

Contact: Austen Burleigh (Melbourne)

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