Busy Feet


BusyFeet is an activity designed to create a special place for children aged 6 to 16 with disabilities by exploring their natural love of movement and music through dance. Conducted in a fun safe environment where everyone feels special and is respected for their individual ability and offering one on one support.

This is a program that is available for all Clubs to develop and run in their communities. It is a totally volunteer based project which involves Rotarians, Partners, Friends, Past Members and local residents all volunteering their time and skills on a weekly basis during school term and places the Rotary Club into active service within the community on a regular basis. It may also involve schools and local councils.

The program also assists parents as during the dance time they are able to develop friendships and discuss issues with others in similar circumstances. They may take the time to just go for a walk or visit the library.

To Learn more, contact Lin Hughes, Rotary Club of Chadstone East/Malvern

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