Is there a better example of Rotarians at Work?


This week we shipped the 300th container of goods to Timor Leste this century.    

70,000 volunteer hours were devoted over the 14 years to make this happen and hundreds of Rotarians have been involved.

People give their time freely each week and again we will exceed 10,000 volunteers hours worked this year.  Goods worth $30 million have been shipped in these containers, thousands of people have helped and the assistance provided for health and education has been fantastic.

$1.8 million has been raised to pay the freight. 

Every Club in our District has been involved in some way and this is something we should be very proud of.   If you are looking for a project to promote your Club this is an exciting newsworthy story.

But wait there’s more!!!    

So far the containers we have shipped smashed our target of 2000 desks and 5000 chairs. Our current total is 2420  Desks and 5563 Chairs and we still have eleven weeks to go.

To put this achievement in context last year we shipped 622 desks and 1474 chairs. We had to ship the school furniture because we have no room in the Store and we have 30 schools still waiting for goods to be collected.   

The Victorian Government has recommended that schools should donate their reusable goods to Rotary; another thing we should be proud of.   

We have plenty of furniture in stock and schools that need them - for as little as $5.00 you can ship a chair.  If you are looking for a project to show the world how great your Club is, make a donation to help pay for the freight.  

“Our Club helped 5000 Students in Timor Leste” is a great headline for your press release.

But wait there is even more!!!!

Later this month we will ship our 400th container since 1/1/2000.   They have gone to 23 countries which highlights how wide the spread of our support is.  

Contact the Store if you want to be involved in this shipment.

This is your story and it would be a pity if you miss the opportunity to tell it.   Full details and a press release is available; contact David Dippie for details.

PS: We have a month to tell our stories and we are not limited to promoting one project.

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