District 9800 Response to Bushfires in New South Wales



Public Media and the Social Networks have spread the sad news about bushfires in New South Wales much better than we can possibly describe. In essence, the situation is extremely bad and likely to get a lot worse. Fortunately, so far, there has apparently not been the dramatic loss of life as experienced on “Black Saturday”; however, the damage to property and the environment is horrendous. Also, we must not forget the psychological impact that exposure to these fires will have on survivors and others close to the event.

We know that Rotary is constantly seeking to raise funds to help in all sorts of desperate and sad situations. Rotary in New South Wales donated to our call for help in February 2009, now we should return that help as best we can. Our District Disaster Relief Committee has been charged with the task of running an Appeal. We need the help of Clubs and Rotarians to raise funds that will make a meaningful contribution to the work that will be done by our colleagues in the affected areas.

We know that money is hard to come by these days and therefore a modest target is being set for the D9800 effort. It does not seem unreasonable to aim for an average donation of $15 per Member in the District, that’s only the cost of three cups of coffee! We would of course be delighted to receive more generous donations than the target average. Please dig deep to help ensure that D9800 can demonstrate its genuine concern and support to our Rotary colleagues in New South Wales and the affected communities they serve.

Our District has two methods through which donations to the Appeal can be made:

1. Donations without tax deductibility.

  • Donations by cheque should be sent to the District Treasurer at the following address:
    Rotary District 9800
    208 Elgin Street
    CARLTON     Victoria 3053.

    Cheques should be made payable to Rotary District 9800 Australian Disaster Appeal.
  • Donations by electronic funds transfer can be made using the following details:
    Account name:    Rotary District 9800 Australian Disaster Appeal
                                   BSB: 033 181       Account number: 377982

2. Tax deductible donations.

The Rotary International District 9800 Australian Bushfire Recovery Fund 2013 is operated by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR). All donations over $2 to that Fund will be tax deductible.

FRRR has provided D9800 with an online gateway and also a printable donation form via which tax deductible donations can be made.

The online gateway can be accessed via the https://www.frrr.org.au/online_donations.php .

  • Please note the drop down box titled “FRRR hosted donation accounts (for community groups)” on the right hand side of the page.
  • Select the RI District 9800 Australian Bushfire Recovery Fund option. 
  • Donations by cheque or credit card can be made by downloading a printable form from http://www.frrr.org.au/cb_pages/donate.php . Complete the form for donation to the RI District 9800 Australian Bushfire Recovery Fund.
    The page contains all the necessary instructions. The completed form and cheque (if appropriate) should be sent to the FRRR postal address provided on the form.

Please help!
Clubs and all Rotarians are asked to do as much as they can to make the Appeal a success.

Clubs can arrange “collective action” for their members or if individuals wish to proceed independently they are encouraged to do so.

Please note that all donations to the FRRR administered Account must be made by individuals or any other parties seeking tax deductibility as they will have to receive tax invoices from FRRR.

Mev Connell – Chairman Disaster Relief Committee.
21 October 2013


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