Christmas 24/7


It happened to be the week before Christmas in Balibo, Timor Leste, but it could have been in any of the 25 countries we have shipped goods to, at any time of the year.  It could have been Mrs Jones in your suburb who received her Rotary Wheelchair from her occupational therapist.  

The attached letter highlights how cheap and easy it is to improve people’s lives utilising the goods available from Donations In Kind.  It cost $50.00 to ship each wheelchair.   Your Store contains 3400m2 of opportunities for you to help others.



A wonderful day today, with the delivery of wheelchairs to Cecilia and Sr. Johannes,

both were over the moon.

We took Cecilia to Balibo hospital so that the Doctor could fit her for the chair and explain its workings to her mother. She didn't want me to take her home and made her mum wheel her 5kms home so she could take in the sights. I don't know if you realise but she is carried everywhere by her mum or cushioned

between 2 people on a motorcycle for long distance travel.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion. She radiated so much joy that can't be captured in a photo. People gathered around and were so happy for her. Rotary has given so much joy not only to Cecilia but her family and friends.

Sr. Johannes was overcome with the generosity as he didn't know he would be receiving the chair. Yes, another teary moment for me. He is now able to wheel himself around after being stuck in a chair or lying on the floor, able to go out and about.

Each chair had a sheet with a Rotary logo and a message in Tetun. We have posted some photos on the Balibo Five Community learning centre Facebook page thanking Rotary.

I want to express my gratitude for what you have done. I'm not sure you realise how life changing this deed has been. Everyone is over the moon, staff at CLC, community,

Doctors at the hospital; its amazing the work that Rotary does. I wish you were here to reap the benefits of that joy. I will never forget this day a definite highlight in my life.

Thank you, thank you thank you from Balibo.

Warm regards


Michele is a Palms Australia volunteer resident in Balibo living in the accommodation unit that Rotary helped to build

If you don’t have a project Laurie Fisher 0428 550 574 would be happy to recommend some. Have a look at the attached and brighten your day.

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