How to Hold a Great Rotary Event


Reprinted from Rotary Leader magazine, November 2016 Volume 7, Issue 3

When you hold a fundraiser like a barbeque, rubber duck race, or beer tasting event, in addition to raising money for your project or cause, you make people aware of your club, and you enable potential members to experience the fun and fellowship that Rotary offers.

Rotary Vice President Jennifer Jones, a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, in Ontario, Canada, has used her background in advertising and marketing to promote events for her club and Rotary. These have included a Rollin’ With Rotary road trip that made Rotary front-page news in communities from Windsor to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

“For me it’s all about creating ‘the hook’ – that special magic dust that makes people want to engage in what we’re doing,” says Jones. “One of my favourite tips when organizing an event is to ask a local, national, or international figure to become the event’s honorary chair.”

“Being a Rotary leader is about expanding your own personal skills development,” she adds. “Event planning is an area where we can all have great impact, no matter what our vocational background. Organising events that showcase Rotary in a vibrant and relevant way has helped us reach tens of millions of people who might never have known about our incredible organization.”

Our new Event Planning Guide, available in the Brand Centre on, includes ideas, tips, and resources. Here are some benefits your club can expect by using our guide to plan an event.

New Relationships

Events give you the opportunity to expand your connections and build new relationships in your community.

Increased Awareness

Events help you showcase your club’s impact and explain what makes Rotary unique.

Exposure for your Projects

Events allow you to showcase projects and initiatives to potential members in your community.

Giving Back

Events are a tangible way to thank your community for its support.

Media Coverage

Events draw media coverage, providing event wider exposure. The bigger the event, the larger the media outlet you might attract, and the more extensive the coverage you might receive.

Connecting Leaders For Good

Events bring people together and provide an opportunity for budding leaders in your community to discover a common passion. You can then show them how they can do even more good for their community by joining your club.

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