Camp Getaway Kitchen Renovations complete


We have seen 4 District Governors come and 3 go, so it has been a long haul. Monies raised were about $202,000 and expenditure was about $204,000.  The Corporate sector have been most generous. A full list of donors will be drawn up shortly.

This kitchen was built by about 14 regular volunteers, with only a small amount of paid labour. Most of the volunteers had very little building experience to start with. It is a credit to all that a first class building was constructed, one which we can be justly proud of. Site safety was always paramount and the volunteers were very aware of the requirements, and over the 3.5 years there were only very few scratches and grazes. There was no requirement for any hospital or ambulance attention.

Each of our volunteers can feel very proud of the job they did and the hours of volunteer service they put in to help the Camp be a better place for the kids and people of the future Thank you everyone for your support over the 3.5 years

Leon Scott
Project Supervisor
Rotary Club of Bendigo Strathdale


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