Support for Balibo – It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it


By David Dippie, Rotary Club of Keilor

Rotarians believe that everyone in need deserves our help, but we can’t help everyone.  Our priority should be to use our resources to achieve the best results, particularly for overseas projects.   Other organizations share our objectives and if the mix is right, more can be achieved by working together than separately.   For most overseas projects focusing our support in one area for an extended time will produce the best results.

It is easy to justify support for Timor Leste as it is the poorest country in our region.  RC Port Melbourne found an organization that were already established and had a good rapport with the community.  They formed a partnership with the Balibo House Trust.  It was easy to identify problems and solutions, but the resources of the two groups are limited.  The solution was to develop a range of projects that Rotary Clubs and others could assist with.  It became the Balibo Project Partnership with the principle that any Rotary Club could join at whatever level they wished for as long as they wanted.  Last year Rotarians from four Districts and three States were partners and the project had great support from another Partner Palms Australia.  They supplied their second volunteer who lived in Balibo for two years in the accommodation unit we helped to build and who provided the link to the local community.

Please have a look at what Rotary has helped to achieve by watching the video below:

Our current major project is to build an Early Learning centre in Belola four kilometres from the nearest Primary School.   It’s a different approach to a common problem in developing countries, offering preschool and grades 1 and 2.  This provides the education the children need until they are strong enough walk to school.

If you are looking for a project please consider supporting an existing establish project where you can make a difference immediately and get maximum value for your effort, contact DIK or RAWCS.  If Balibo is of interest there are many exciting project that need support, please contact David Dippie 0408174773   

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