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The Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment or RYPEN is a Rotary sponsored District New Generations program. Year ten and eleven students, from schools across District 9800 attend a weekend long camp designed at developing their potential through a mixture of lecture style sessions and adventure-based learning.

Topics: youth


Model United Nations Assembly    

M.U.N.A. simulates the workings of the U.N. assembly by having teams of two students represent a particular U.N. country. Topics are debated on matters of world political and social concern. It is held over a week-end to give sufficient time for all participants to become involved.

Topics: model united nations assembly


Caught in the middle - a female perspective sought    

Family businesses make up approximately 70 per cent of all businesses in Australia and a considerable number will change hands over the next decade as baby boomers retire.

Passing on a family business, however can be a fraught process creating tensions which can linger for a lifetime.  Women, who are often perceived as the ‘managers’ of the family relationships, can find themselves caught in the middle as they try to juggle the interests of their partners with those of the next generation and the future of the business.


Squadron Leader Hugh Dolan - Gallipoli from Above - Rotary Club of St Kilda    

Tuesday 14th August 6.30pm Melbourne Wine Room Cafe
125 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

When Australian troops stormed ashore in the pre-dawn darkness of April 25th 1915, it was the culmination of one of the most complex and daunting operations in the history of warfare – the seaborne assault of a heavily fortified shore, defended by a well-prepared and forewarned enemy. Hear documentary presenter, Hugh Dolan speak about the subject matter in the documentary and his best selling book ’36 Days’


National Youth Science Forum Selection    

One of the great rewards of serving as District Governor is the opportunity to see first-hand and participate in the many great programs that Rotary supports.


Reasons why People Join Rotary    

Networking... The opportunity to develop business connections was one of the two founding reasons Rotary was started in 1905 and it remains relevant today.  More than ever, networking provides vital links in our personal and professional lives. Through Rotary people come together from all walks of life and business communities to help each other and collectively help others.

Friendship… The second reason Rotary started was to provide access to friendship and fellowship.  This is one of our most basic human needs and is no less relevant in our increasingly complex and technological world.


Federation Square Lights Up to     

25-27 February, 2012

Melbourneʼs Federation Square with its wide piazza and striking architecture is one of Australiaʼs most iconic buildings. This February 25 it will join other iconic buildings around the world to be illuminated to celebrate Rotaryʼs signature “End Polio Now” campaign. The illumination will run from 25 to 27 February. 


Polio Survivors Today    

The Australian Polio Register was established by Polio Australia in October 2010 to gather information on the numbers of polio survivors living in Australia today, whether or not they contracted polio in this country. As there are no accurate records regarding current numbers of people experiencing the Late Effects of Polio, this information is vital in assisting Polio Australia to raise awareness of this condition with health professionals and policy makers


1,750 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 1726 - 1750